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Forms & Submission Information

Forms & Submission Information


General Submissions

General Submission Form

General Submission Continuation Page

General Submission History Continuation Page

Express Form

Export/Regulatory Form


Anatomic Pathology

Dermatohistopathology Submission Form

Histopathology Submission Form

Immunohistochemistry Submission Form

Necropsy Submission Form

Liver consults are now only available through our scheduling process. Please contact the Client Resource Team at 607-253-3900 for current availability. See the Hepatopathology Specialty Service page for more information.


Clinical Pathology Cytology

Cytology Submission Form


NYS Contract Subsidy

NYS Contract Subsidy Submission Form

NYS Contract Subsidy Submission Continuation Page


Quality Milk Production Services

QMPS Ambulatory Sample Submission Form





Category 2 Accredited Veterinarian's Supply Request Form

     for EIA/Coggins and Burcellosis in New York State

     Outside of New York? Please contact your State Veterinarian Office.

Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Submission Form

Genetic Test for Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) Submission Form

Non-Veterinary Tick Submission Form

Rabies Forms


Abortion Kit, Ruminant - Complete kit bovine, small ruminants, and camelids: fees, instructions, contents, history; see also Abortion Samples page
Abortion Kit, Equine - Complete kit: fees, samples, contents, history; see also Abortion Samples page
Equine Diarrhea Kit, Adult - Complete kit: instructions, information, samples/tests, fees, form
Equine Diarrhea/Septicemia Kit, Foal - Complete kit: instructions, fees, form
Field Necropsy Kit - Includes contents, fees, instructions, samples, form & rabies submission information
   Rabies Specimen History Form - For New York Only, from the New York State Dept of Health
   Tissues for Rabies Diagnosis - Photos of brain samples
   Rabies Algorithm Poster - Pre-exposure treatment decision flow