Animal Health Diagnostic Center

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Launch of OpenArray Testing Launch of OpenArray Testing
The Cornell AHDC now uses OpenArray, a next-generation molecular testing platform that combines nano-scale
microarray technology with real-time PCR to perform multiple tests on the same sample at once,
in separate reactions, with high levels of sensitivity. More...
Canine Influenza Virus Canine Influenza Virus
The AHDC has been involved in the identification of canine influenza virus (CIV) as the cause of a widespread outbreak
of acute respiratory disease in the Chicago area. Go to most recent update or CIV test information.
Molecular Bovine Diarrhea Testing Molecular Bovine Diarrhea Testing
The Cornell AHDC now offers improved testing options for common pathogens causing bovine diarrhea using real-time PCR with high levels of sensitivity and specificity, faster turnaround times, and fewer restrictions. More...
New Monitoring Tests New Monitoring Tests
The Clinical Pathology laboratory is excited to announce two new tests that we are offering: amikacin and gentamicin.
Amikacin and gentamicin are aminoglycoside antibiotics, which target gram negative bacteria. More...
Equine Hepatitis Virus Equine Hepatitis Virus
The AHDC has developed a panel of PCR tests for the detection of Equine “Hepatitis” viruses. More...
Rapid Leptospira Testing Rapid Leptospira Testing
The Cornell AHDC now offers testing for pathogenic Leptospira species using real-time PCR
with high levels of sensitivity and specificity. More...