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Current Animal Health News Faster PCR Results
Get your PCR test results faster with the same high quality you expect from us. More...
Canine Influenza Virus Update Canine Influenza Virus Update
The Canine Influenza Virus Surveillance Network has released new, updated H3N2 test results
including cumulative results from March 2015 to present. More....
New Susceptibility Panel New Susceptibility Panel
The Bacteriology laboratory is offering a new antibiotic susceptibility panel for organisms isolated from bovine, porcine and other ruminant animal samples. More...
New VWF Test Schedule New VWF Test Schedule
We have a new test schedule for Von Willebrand Factor assay (VWF:Ag). More...
Lyme Vaccination Lyme Vaccination
Research finds vaccination of horses with Lyme vaccines for dogs induces
short-lasting antibody responses. Read article or view information for Lyme multiplex assay.