Animal Health Diagnostic Center

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Influenza In Cats Influenza In Cats
An influenza virus is the cause of respiratory disease in cats in a NYC shelter. Details here.
Updates on Canine Influenza are also available.
Changes to Susceptibility Panels Changes to Susceptibility Panels
The Bacteriology laboratory is offering new antibiotic susceptibility panels for organisms isolated
from companion animal samples. More...
Amikacin & Gentamicin Testing Amikacin & Gentamicin Testing
The Clinical Pathology laboratory is excited to announce two new tests that we are offering: amikacin and gentamicin.
Amikacin and gentamicin are aminoglycoside antibiotics, which target gram negative bacteria. More...
C-Reactive Protein Testing C-Reactive Protein Testing
The AHDC Clinical Pathology Laboratory is pleased to announce that we now offer testing
for C-reactive protein (CRP) in dogs. More...
Poultry Questions? Poultry Questions?
Are you seeing more chickens in your clinic or practice? Whether your clients keep
chickens, ducks, pigeons or guinea fowl as pets or for animal agriculture, we can help! More...
Canine Ovarian Remnant Panel Canine Ovarian Remnant Panel
We’ve combined our anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and progesterone tests
into a new canine ovarian remnant panel. More...