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Endocrinology Research Testing Services (ERTS)

The Endocrinology Laboratory offers research testing and immunoassay services, which include assay set up, development, and validation for a variety of hormones. The laboratory has an extensive list of hormones that have been assayed over the years, using mainly immunoassay technologies (i.e. RIA, CIA and ELISA) on samples from many species. Our immunoassay service and expertise supports research in other departments at Cornell and other universities as well as studies by non-profit foundations and institutes. The Research Testing Service is also utilized by scientists in pharmaceutical and life science industries.

The Quality Assurance system, initially established within the Endocrinology Lab, used Good Laboratory Practices (CFR 21 Part 58) as guidelines to maintain quality and ensure data integrity. The laboratory currently has adapted their system to follow the QA program established within the AHDC, necessary for accreditation with AAVLD. The AHDC quality assurance manager can also function as the QAU for studies when necessary. The lab meets standards for laboratory services required by the New York State Department of Health. The laboratory is proficiency tested by the NYS Dept. of Health and voluntarily participates in the Society for Comparative Endocrinology and Veterinary Laboratory Association proficiency testing programs.

Please contact the Endocrinology Laboratory manager (607) 253-3593 or director (607) 253-3796 to review the specifics of your testing needs. Contact information is provided below. Once specifics of the testing are determined (i.e. sample number, species, scheduling, reagents, quality assurance needed, etc.) and a price has been quoted for the work, please refer to the Sample Submission instructions and the Billing Procedures below.


Please contact the laboratory prior to sending samples (607) 253-3673 or (607) 253-3593.  The Endocrinology Research Testing Sample Submission Form must be fully completed and included with all samples received, along with a listing of samples with identifications and any other documentation as needed.

Download the Endocrinology Research Testing Service Form:  Sample Submission Form

Ship samples to:  AHDC Endocrinology Lab
                            240 Farrier Rd., S1-092 - Schurman Hall
                            Veterinary College, Cornell University
                            Ithaca, NY 14853                            

The shipping address is also on the form.

Once samples are received, the Endocrinology Lab will contact you with confirmation of sample arrival and an AHDC Endo Job Number will be assigned for the testing. All correspondences and results will be referenced by the “AHDC Endo Job No.”.  Please contact the laboratory with any additional questions.


We are able to report test results in a variety of formats, depending on a researcher’s requirements. After initial testing, results (or data) are most commonly sent in an electronic format (i.e. spreadsheet, word, ASCII, etc.) as preliminary results. Following our internal QA review and approval, the results will then be finalized. A report of the results will then be issued and sent in the format needed, accompanied by an invoice for the completed work.


Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice after all results have been finalized. Please detach the bottom portion of the invoice and return it with your payment. If paying by check, please make payable to "Cornell University” and reference the AHDC Endo Job No. assigned to this testing in the memo line by writing: AHDC Endo Job No. ####. If paying by credit card or for any billing inquiries, please contact the laboratory at (607) 253-3593

Send payments to:  College of Veterinary Medicine
                            Accounting Service Center  
                            S3-005 - Schurman Hall, Box 12
                            Cornell University
                            Ithaca, NY  14853                            

This is a different address than the sample submission.


  • Endocrinology Laboratory phone numbers are  (607) 253-3673  or  (607) 253-3462
  • Endocrinology Laboratory FAX numbers are (607) 253-4213  or  (607) 253-3976
  • Stephen V. Lamb - Endocrinology Laboratory Manager (607) 253-3593. For assay and testing services, logistics, price quotes, technical information, data reporting, results and billing.
  • Ned Place, Ph.D., M.D. - Endocrinology Laboratory Director (607) 253-3796