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Clinical Testing Service

Assay Testing Schedule and Price List

The Endocrinology Lab's clinical diagnostic testing service assay schedule and price list are available in the links below. Please note it is recommended the samples arrive on the day prior to the test/assay setup times indicated on the schedule. If you have any questions about scheduling please call (607) 253-3673.

Routine test schedule   Holiday testing schedule

Endocrinology Lab Price List  

  • We provide accurate, reliable, and equitably priced testing for many hormones and vitamins in a broad array of species (primarily canine, equine, feline, and bovine but some exotics as well).
  • Our veterinarians and technical staff offer pre-testing advice and free consultations on post-testing results.
  • The lab is certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to provide testing for the Canine Thyroid Registry.

Sample Submissions

The condition and quality of the specimen we receive plays a major factor in the accuracy of test results.  Please do not send whole blood. Serum is the preferred sample type for the majority of the endocrine tests we offer, with the exception of ACTH, which requires EDTA plasma. Please review the links for:

 Submission Guidelines for Endocrinology Samples

 Instructions for OFA Thyroid Registry

or feel free to contact the laboratory directly with any specific questions (607) 253-3673.

Results Reporting and Consultations

 Contact the Endocrinology Laboratory directly at (607) 253-3673 regarding any test results, interpretations, or sample discrepancies.  Veterinarians or the authorized submitter should have their AHDC account number ready when making inquiries about samples that have already been sent and tested. Consultations by veterinarians and qualified staff are also provided at no charge for testing done within our laboratory. We prefer not to interpret test results from other laboratories since we will not be familiar with their test methods. The laboratory offers gratis  re-testing of samples on a limited basis after consultation, assuming residual sample volume and quality are adequate for re-testing. Please contact the Endocrinology Laboratory director at (607) 253-3796 or manager at (607) 253-3593 if you are experiencing unusual delays with lab results.