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Clinical Pathology

Research/Development Services

Clinical Pathology performs testing for a variety of researchers and contract laboratories. We can create customized panels, consisting of specific tests for research projects. We also provide consultation on study design (if desired), how to submit samples (with examples of request forms), and guidance on optimal sample collection, labeling, and shipping.

For all research projects, the project leader (or designated representative) must contact our laboratory manager before any samples can be accepted for analysis. We will require the following information when setting up a research account:

  • Contact information
  • Manner of result reporting  - we can send your results by fax, email or regular mail
  • Species to be tested
  • Tests required
  • Project schedule including start date, ending date, anticipated dates of submission, and estimated numbers of animals
  • Any special handling or storage requirements – this may be test dependent.

The laboratory manager will use this information to formulate a plan so your research project will be performed in the most efficient manner possible.