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Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program

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The purpose of this program is to provide an external quality assurance program as a means for assessing and monitoring laboratory methods and procedures for diagnosis of intramammary infections.

This program also serves as a valuable resource for education, self-assessment, quality assurance and public confidence.

What do I get in my kit?
Two proficiency samples will be shipped to the participant each quarter. These samples consist of commercial milk inoculated with a single strain of mastitis-causing pathogen. Enrollment in the Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program for subsequent years will provide a variety of pathogens for identification, allowing for exposure to different organisms from the previous year. In addition to the milk samples, a Microbial Identification Form, survey and report upon completion of the analysis will be received.

What do I do with the samples?
Identify the pathogens in the two milk samples using bacteriological procedures, noting the tests with results. This information is recorded on the Microbial Identification Form and returned to QMPS by email. Results should be completed and returned within two weeks of receipt of the kit.

What feedback do I receive?
QMPS will assess results and an evaluation will be sent to the participant. Incorrect results will receive further training guidelines and suggestions to ensure correct identification in the future. A Certificate of Participation is provided to all program enrollees.

How do I enroll?
Contact the Cobleskill QMPS labsite at 1-877-645-5524 to enroll in the program and to answer any questions you might have. An annual enrollment fee for the quarterly shipment of samples will be included in your statement at the next billing cycle.

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Important Information!

The material you receive for testing contains pathogenic organisms. By participating in this program, you assume all risks and responsibility in connection with the receipt, handling, storage, use and disposal of the material.


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