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Proceedings of Symposium

Open House and Symposium in Ithacaribbon cutting

On September 30, 2004 the expanded Ithaca facilities and the new Molecular Laboratory were opened with a reception, open house and ribbon cutting. It was a great event, with large numbers of people, wonderful food, tours through the lab, posters to explain a day in the life of a field tech and a milk sample, squeezy cows, and lots more. Lisa took pictures, some of which you will find in this newsletter. We also have a special logo for the new Molecular Laboratory.

quality milk molecular lab logo

On September 30 and October 1, 2004 we also hosted the two-day symposium on “Molecular Methods in Milk Quality”. The first day was held in the Ramada Inn, and attended by at least a hundred people. Use of molecular and bacteriological methods in tracking of food borne disease outbreaks, in vaccine development, in monitoring of antimicrobial resistance and in trouble shooting milk quality and udder health problems were discussed. In addition, we were well fed, as those of you that were there know!

The second day was held at the Vet School, and attended by so many people that it was standing room only during the day. Throughout both days, we handed out QMPS pens, cows and tri-folds. The audience included lecturerepresentatives from Ag & Markets, milk inspectors, farmers, veterinarians, researchers, the Dean of the Veterinary College, assemblyman Bill McGee (who went as far as saying that “Quality Milk” should become the state wide milk promotion theme), Dr. Alfonso Torres from the Diagnostic Laboratory, representatives from pharmaceutical companies, and many of you.

Thanks so much to all of you for helping to prepare the symposium and the open house, and for your presence during the day(s) of the reception and the symposium. To give you a flavor of the feedback we received, here are some comments from people that participated in the symposium and the open house, and even from those that did not attend but only received proceedings:


"Just a quick note expressing my appreciation to all of you for making my recent visit to QMPS enjoyable. Your hospitality as always was superb."

"You have a great amount of momentum at QMPS and Cornell and I expect to see MANY great things happen in this exciting area."

"Thanks for organizing such a wonderful symposium."

"Thank you for organizing the molecular methods symposium.  I enjoyed the mixture of speakers.  They provided a really nice overview of diagnostics.  It was the right information at the right time for me."

Dr. Schukken and Dean Smith

"There must have been 150 people there, including many visiting scientists), industry representatives, veterinarians, farmers, etc. Assemblyman McGee was present and helped to cut the ribbon along with Drs Torres, Gilbert and me (i.e. Dean Smith of the Veterinary College). It was a splendid event."

"It was so good to be with others so interested in mastitis and motivated me to get up to speed!!  I was pretty content doing bench to micro and am looking forward to taking it to the next level.  Thanks again so very much!"

"It looks like it was a great symposium. I've just had time to scan the titles, but really look forward to getting into the papers. I think this is going to be a really BIG effort in future mastitis research."


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