<i>Tritrichomonas foetus</i> Identification Information

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Tritrichomonas foetus Identification Information

Test Code: TFE
Test Name: Trichomonas Fecal Examination

Contact Name: Dr. Mani Lejeune
Contact Telephone: 607-253-3581
E-mail: ml872@cornell.edu

Test Method: InPouch TF Culture System
Sample Required: Feces taken directly from cat’s rectum
Collection container: InPouch TF Culture System (available from AHDC Shipping Department)
Transport: Unrefrigerated and by overnight shipping
Test Day: M-F
Lag Time: Two weeks
Species: Cats
Results Format: Positive or Negative for Tritrichomonas


This method is used for the diagnosis of Tritrichomonas foetus infection in cats. Since trichomonads do not form cysts and disintegrate quickly after leaving the host, they cannot be recovered from fecal samples in the same manner used for encysted protozoa and worm eggs. If Tritrichomonas is suspected, the feces must be submitted for examination in an InPouchTM TF culture system, which keeps the protozoa alive for identification in the laboratory. The InPouch system does not support survival of Giardia or Pentatrichomonas hominis trophozoites, so flagellated protozoa with the correct characters seen after the incubation period are considered to be Tritrichomonas foetus.