Parasite Identification Information

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Parasite Identification Information

Test Code: PID
Test Name:Parasite Identification

Contact Name: Dr. Mani Lejeune
Contact Telephone: 607-253-3581

Test Method: Identification based on characters of specimens
Sample Required: Specimen for identification
Collection container: plastic leak proof container
Transport: Ship in 70% ethanol* or 10% formalin*
Test Day: M-F
Lag Time: 1-7 days
Species: All species
Results Format: Identification of specimen submitted


Whole parasites - Specimens such as worms or arthropods that are found in or on animals can be submitted for identification. It is requested that worms be submitted in 70% alcohol* or 10% formalin*, and that arthropods be submitted in 70% alcohol* or in a container moistened with water* on gauze or paper towels.

Other samples that can be submitted for parasite identification include:

Necropsy tissues, such as sections of organs and intestines with contents;

Fluids, such as tracheal and cloacal washes, duodenal aspirates, urine, blood; Histological sections on slides;

Free-living worms or arthropods people find on their animals, in their residences, in feed samples and environmental samples such as soil and composted material.

* For submissions of samples in vials containing less than 30 ml formalin or alcohol:

  • Submit parasites for identification in a leak-proof and escape-proof plastic screw cap vial or jar.
  • Add up to 29 ml (5 ml = approximately one teaspoon) of alcohol or formalin to the jar or vial, covering the parasite. Then the jar or vial must be placed in a leak-proof zipper-lock bag, also containing absorbent material sufficient to absorb the entire amount of liquid. If the shipment is made by ground delivery (USPS, FEDEX ground, or UPS ground) there are no special requirements for the vial or jar. If the shipment is to be made by air (USPS next day, FEDEX next day, UPS next day), the vials must be rated to withstand 95kPa internal pressure for air cargo.
  • Print the label for UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B (do not reduce the size of the image for printing). Cut out label along the dotted line and affix to outer box with clear packing tape. Routine shippers can substitute commercially available peel-and-stick versions of this required label.