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Lab Sections

Lab Sections & Programs

Anatomical Pathology

Diagnostic necropsy and surgical pathology services are provided by Board-certified pathologists in the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Avian Disease

The Avian Disease Lab provides diagnostic services for the New York State poultry industry and serves as a reference laboratory for the diagnosis of diseases such as chicken infectious anemia, Marek's disease, and infectious bronchitis ...<more>

Bacteriology and Brucellosis

The Bacteriology Section provides high quality, detailed, and complete diagnostic bacteriology testing service to veterinary clients, round the clock coverage for the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, and contributes to the education of the veterinary students. ...<more>

Clinical Pathology

The Clinical Pathology Section of the Diagnostic Laboratory provides timely, comprehensive, and accurate laboratory testing of animal specimens in the areas of hematology, diagnostic cytology, clinical chemistry and immunology, and urinalysis. ...<more>

Comparative Coagulation

The Comparative Coagulation Section provides veterinarians and biomedical researchers comprehensive testing and consultation services for the diagnosis and characterization of blood coagulation disorders in animals. To fulfill this mission, ...<more>


The lab offers diagnostic endocrinology services for veterinarians and scientists to improve the health of companion, food and fiber-producing, sporting, wildlife, zoo, and laboratory animals. A broad range of endocrine tests are done using ...<more>

Molecular Diagnostics

The Molecular Diagnostics unit provides services based on molecular technology. Conventional PCR services are available for pathogenic microorganisms, including Mycobacterium paratuberculosis (Johne's), Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV), E. coli, ...<more>


The Parasitology Section is a full-service parasite diagnostic laboratory capable of diagnosing infections in domestic and wild animals. This service is provided in an accurate, timely and cost efficient manner. Accurate diagnosis of parasites ...<more>

Quality Milk Production Services

QMPS serves the dairy industry of New York State by promoting the production of high quality milk through the control of mastitis, and the avoidance of antibiotic residues in milk through field and laboratory diagnostic evaluations and recommendations ...<more>


The Serology/Immunology Section of the Lab Sections & Programs seeks to develop and use fully validated serological assays to detect analytes (antibodies, antigens, etc.) for disease/infection conditions in food and fiber producing animals, companion ...<more>


The Toxicology section strives to be the most competent and responsive toxicology laboratory in the country by providing complete analytical toxicology services to private practitioners, commercial agricultural businesses, cooperative extension agencies and ...<more>


The Virology Section complements the comprehensive services by other units of the laboratory by providing excellent diagnostic testing as well as consultative services in the area of veterinary virology. This is achieved through the detection of viral ...<more>

Wildlife Health Lab

The Cornell Wildlife Health Lab works to promote the health and long term sustainability of wildlife populations through integration of the fields of wildlife ecology and veterinary medicine. We work with the individual lab sections to develop new diagnostic tools and provide client support for... <more>