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Four different tick images  

Tick Submission

Veterinarian Tick Submission

Veterinarians should submit ticks (removed from animals) for testing using the standard AHDC general submission form. Payment arrangements are made for the veterinarian’s account. If this is a first time submission and an account has not previously been established, the laboratory medical records staff will contact the submitting veterinarian when the sample is received to establish account information for payment and by what method result reporting is preferred.

All submitted ticks will be identified by species. Please call the lab to request any PCR testing following tick identification.

  • Fill out the standard AHDC general submission form and print a copy. Place the submission form in a separate zipper-lock bag.
  • Up to 6 ticks removed from a single person/animal/environmental location may be submitted together for one fee.
  • Submission may be in person at our receiving department (link to directions) or by courier according to the following instructions:
    • Place the bags containing the tick and the paperwork into an outer box and seal box with packing tape.
    • Print the label for UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B (do not reduce the size of the image for printing); cut out the label along the dotted line and affix to outer box with clear packing tape. Routine shippers can substitute commercially available peel-and-stick versions of this required label.
    • Ship, using the appropriate address below for US Postal Service or other courier (UPS or FEDEX):

      US Postal Service
      Animal Health Diagnostic Center
      PO Box 5786
      Ithaca, NY 14852-5786

      UPS or FEDEX
      Animal Health Diagnostic Center
      240 Farrier Rd.
      Ithaca, NY 14853