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Educational Materials

Diagnostic Plans
The following diagnostic plans have been developed primarily as an educational tool to assist the veterinarian in designing a complete, although not exhaustive, diagnostic strategy. To encourage veterinarians to select only the tests that are deemed clinically appropriate in each situation, the price of the diagnostic plan is not discounted from the sum of the individual test costs. Superscript numbers match the individual tests to the sample needed. For the test groupings labeled as panels, there may be a discounted price versus the costs of the individual tests. Diagnostic plans and panels can be requested by writing the complete name as the test request. If appropriate samples are included all tests will be performed.

Bovine Diagnostic Plans & Panels Camelid Diagnostic Plans & Panels Canine Diagnostic Plans & Panels Caprine Diagnostic Plans & Panels Equine Diagnostic Plans & Panels Feline Diagnostic Plans & Panels Ovine Diagnostic Plans & Panels

Select image above for specie specific diagnostic plans & panels


Testing Protocols
The following fact sheets and protocols have been developed to assist in collecting and handling samples appropriately to achieve accurate diagnoses.

Anaerobic Culture Inoculation of Anaerobic Transport Media
Aseptic Bacterial Culture Sampling at Necropsy
Avian and Reptile Estimated White Blood Cell Count
Blood Culture Technique
Blood Tubes and Labeling Guidelines
Brain Samples for Rabies Diagnosis
Digital Necropsy Examination of Sheep and Goats
Gram Stain Protocol
Toxicology Submissions and Analytical Screens
Transport Media for Diagnostic Sampling
Temperature Conversion Chart
Trichomonas Testing for Cats
Samples for Diagnosing Canine Influenza Virus
Campylobacter and Trichomonas Testing for Cows
Campylobacter and Trichomonas Testing for Bulls
Bronchoalveolar Lavage Protocol
Transtracheal Wash Procedure for Cattle and Horses
Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis EPM Testing
CEM-Culturing Contagious Equine Metritis


Disease information
The following information is provided to assist in the diagnosis and management of certain animal disease conditions.

Anthrax Sample Collection and Shipping Guidelines
Johne's Disease Program: Sampling and Testing Options
Johne’s Direct Fecal PCR Fact Sheet for Veterinarians
Salmonella Dublin in Cattle Health Alert
BVD PCR Pooled Testing
Bulk Milk Tank Testing For Detection of BVD PI Cows
BVD Testing Cattle for Detection of Persistent Infection (BVD PI)
BVD Testing Alpacas for Detection of Persistent Infection (BVD PI)
Salmonella in Horses Health Advisory
CEM-Reproductive Hygiene for Horse Handlers
Streptococcus equi Culture and PCR
Ehrlichia Anaplasma and Babesia Testing
Influenza Sampling- 2009 H1N1 and Emergent Strains
Q Fever in Small Ruminants (external link: Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory)
Best Practices to Control Q Fever (external link: Washington State Department of Agriculture)
CDC Information on Q Fever (external link: Center for Disease Control)
Information on Q Fever (external link: Center for Food Security and Public Health, Iowa State University)

Shipping Information
The following documents provide instruction for packaging and shipping specimens, or guide you to obtain discount FedEx and UPS shipping labels or appropriate diagnostic and shipping supplies.

Shipping Patient Specimens to the Animal Health Diagnostic Center
Shipping Label for Biological Substances Category B
Shipping Necropsy Specimans
Shipping Discount Program Information
Diagnostic Supply Order Form