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Herd Health

Welcome to the Doe Farm

Doe Farm

Welcome to the Doe Farm

Small 25 stall area

Heifers are weaned to a group of 25 straight stalls in a lower shed where the manure ramp is located. The tractor and manure spreader are parked behind the calves and heifers to prevent freezing. The manure spreader is also loaded there. Dividers between stalls are two pieces of pipe; some broken or disconnected from brackets. One cow barn ventilation fan blows into heifer barn to keep the heifers warm and the manure spreader from freezing. The calves have access to water-bowls, of which some work easily and others work very hard. Some of the bowls are tipped, which allows leaking of water into the manger. Once a day the heifers are given the manger sweepings from the mature cows. The sweepings are delivered by wheelbarrow across the cement floor where the tractor and manure spreader leave and enter the barn. Silage and hay is delivered in the same manner. The manger is cleaned monthly. When this barn area is full the heifers are vaccinated with one dose of a 9-way killed vaccine and go out to the old shed barn in to a breeding pen.

Small heifer breeding area

Heifer overcrowdingAI is done on all heifers caught in heat. A bull is kept in the breeding pen with the heifers and is used as a clean-up bull for the herd. When the bull begins to get mean he is replaced with another registered bull from a neighboring farm or through a dealer. There is a homemade chute at one end of the pen for pregnancy diagnosis, which can be opened in either direction. Heifers diagnosed pregnant go into the next group, which contains bred and springing heifers along with early dry cows.

The two groups are fed silage and hay along a drive-by feed alley. Sawdust bedding is added to a pack in the back of the shed. Manure is scraped with a skid steer from the older heifer/dry cow group through the breeding group to a loading area at the end of the barn. The loaded manure spreader goes out through a muddy area at the end of the drive by the feedbunk where the tractor and mixer wagon pass to get to the feedbunk.

Management Areas of the Doe Farm: