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Herd Health

Welcome to the Doe Farm

Doe Farm

General Information about the farm:

  • Family Farm – John and Linda; Son James, wife Cheryl and 3 children; Son Frank
  • Tie stall facility; purebred herd of 75 milking cows; milked 2x/day; 19,500 RHA
  • Farm in existence since 1918, facilities built in early 1950s, addition built in early 1970s
  • The farm family prides their show string of cattle and show as often as possible.

Farm Goals:

  • Market purebred stock (bulls, heifers and cows) domestically as well as internationally
  • Small expansion in the future
  • Maintain competitive quality of cattle for the summer show season
  • Keep BTSCC under 200,000

Farm Concerns:

  • Clinical mastitis
  • Milk price Reproductive efficiency
  • Increased numbers of DAs

Employee Management:

  • No employee meetings, written goals or handbook
  • James and his son are the main milkers, hired man replaces one of them for weekend milking
  • Field work is done by John and Frank
  • John makes most of the management decisions.

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