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New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program

herd health Farm-specific herd health plans are good preventive medicine

Herd Health

Welcome to the Loe Farm

Doe Farm

General Information about the farm:

  • Free stall facility; mixed herd of 300 milking cows; milked 2x/day; RHA 17,500
  • Family Farm - Craig and Joan; Son Manny, wife Ann and 2 children; Son Jerry, wife Susan and 5 children; Daughter Franny
  • 1990 increased herd by 100 cows purchased from various sources

Farm Goals:

  • Increase profit
  • Expand to 500 cows within 5 years
  • Capture premium for low SCC milk, below 350,000 ($0.10), below 200,000 (additional $0.25), below 150,000 (additional $0.35)

Farm Concerns:

  • Milk price
  • Labor Environment (CAFO)
  • Hoof health
  • Reproductive efficiency
  • Residues

Employee Management:

  • No staff meetings, written farm goals or employee handbook
  • High employee turnover - 5 full time and part time employees along with family labor
  • Just beginning to hire foreign labor

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