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Other Johne's Disease References

A limited collection of references which veterinarians should be fully familiar with. Includes national NAHMS data on Johne's disease, review of Crohn's disease and pasteurization, and the history of Stein Farms, NY's NYSCHAP pilot vaccination herd.

Section 7

  1. USDA-APHIS NAHMS Beef '97 - What do I need to Know About Johne's Disease in Beef Cattle?
  2. Stabel, JR. Symposium: Biosecurity and Disease. Johne's Disease: A Hidden Threat. J Dairy Sci, 81:283-288, 1998.
  3. Stabel, JR. Symposium: Health and Safety on the Dairy Farm. Johne's Disease and Milk: Do Consumers Need to Worry. J Dairy Sci, 83:1659-1663, 2000.
  4. Stein Farms: NYSCHAP Johne's Vaccinated Dairy Herd articles, from Dairy Herd Management, accurate descriptions of this farm's team, and their Johne's program and progress.
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  5. USDA - Uniform Program Standards for the Voluntary Bovine Johne's Disease Control Program

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