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Herd Health

Welcome to the Johne's Disease Module

Section 1   NYSCHAP Johne's Program for Cattle - Description
Information about the NYSCHAP Johne's module and materials, to enroll in Johne's module along with Core module.

Section 2   NYSCHAP Johne's Herd Testing in Cattle - Reference Materials
Veterinarians should be familiar with the testing options for Johne's Disease and how best to utilize the various tests within the herd's management and goals for their Johne's disease control program.

Section 3   NYSCHAP Johne's Disease Materials Targeted for Producers and Industry
Includes list of excellent Internet resources

Section 4   Johne's Disease Information for the Veterinarian
Seven articles produced for AABP in 1999 - 2000 and reviewed by the National Johne's Working Group were re-edited by the author for NYSCHAP. Articles present current applied knowledge and thinking about Johne's disease in areas most relevant to farm plans, epidemiology, control, and herd testing.

Section 5   Resource Materials for Designing Johne's Disease Farm Plans
A collection of materials to guide veterinarians in designing appropriate farm plans for Johne's disease prevention and control. Abbreviated and full-length versions of Manuals for Veterinarians - for Dairy and Beef - originally produced for AABP (1999) are included. Materials overlap and offer the user a choice in which has most utility. Authored by Dr. Christine Rossiter (Cornell University) and Dr. Donald Hansen (Oregon State University)

Section 6   New York Johne's Herd Classification Program (JHCP)
The herd classification program seeks to identify herds that are less likely to be infected with Johne’s disease. Depending on test results, herds are assigned a classification level 1-6. The higher the level, the less likely a herd is infected. No classification guarantees a herd is free of Johne’s disease. Talk to your herd veterinarian and your NYSCHAP veterinarian for more information.

Section 7   Other Johne's Disease References
A limited collection of references which veterinarians should be fully familiar with. Includes national NAHMS data on Johne's disease, review of Crohn's disease and pasteurization, and the history of Stein Farms, NY's NYSCHAP pilot vaccination herd.