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NYSCHAP New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program is sponsored by Ag & Markets    more

New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program

herd health Farm-specific herd health plans are good preventive medicine

Herd Health

The New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program (NYSCHAP) is an integrated disease prevention program that utilizes a team of advisors to develop a farm-specific herd health plan.

The objectives of this integrated herd plan are to:

  • increase the herd's health, productivity and profitability
  • assure food safety, public health, and consumer confidence in dairy products
  • promote environmental stewardship

To enroll in NYSCHAP, contact your herd veterinarian. They will then make arrangements with the regional field veterinarian from the Department of Agriculture and Markets.

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CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT – THE AGRICULTURE AND MARKETS LAW, ARTICLE 16, SUBDIVISION 41 EXEMPTS FROM PUBLIC DISCLOSURE ANY PROPRIETARY FARM PROTOCOL, ANIMAL OR HERD TESTING INFORMATION AND/OR PRODUCER HERD DATA MAINTAINED IN CONFIDENCE AND VOLUNTARILY PROVIDED BY AN   OWNER OR OPERATOR OF A FARM OPERATION TO PARTICIPATE IN A VOLUNTARY CATTLE HEALTH PROGRAM. Records relating to diagnostic testing shall be the property of the herd owner and shall be treated confidentially by NYSCHAP.  Such records shall be received and accepted by the Commissioner as confidential pursuant to Section 23 of the Agriculture and Markets Law, but may be used by the Department in any regulatory action or proceeding involving the failure of any person to comply with the provisions of the program.