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Meet the Team: Dr. Erin Goodrich: Dr. Erin Goodrich

Dr. Erin Goodrich

New position is role reversal!

When the phone rings, Dr. Erin Goodrich CALS ’04/DVM ’08 is never quite sure what to expect. It could be a dairy producer worried about a respiratory condition sweeping through his herd. It could be a rabbit producer with a bacterial outbreak responsible for multiple deaths. Likewise, the samples that appear in the mailing room are random and fascinating.

“This is one of the reasons I was excited to join the veterinary support specialists,” said Dr. Goodrich, who has been with the AHDC team since early December. “I need to be on my toes and able to switch gears quickly. It’s exciting and intellectually stimulating.”

Dr. Goodrich learned of the veterinary support specialists while working in a mixed animal practice as a veterinarian. In this role, she called upon the AHDC specialists to help her address complicated challenges while she was in the field. Her first goal in her new role is to return the favor.

“As a veterinarian, I’ve been working directly with producers and animal owners,” said Dr. Goodrich, who began exploring the veterinary profession while in high school. “In my role as a veterinary support specialist, I’m looking forward to working more closely with veterinarians and leveraging the resources, including the collective knowledge that is available in this building, to help them problem-solve.”

Dr. Goodrich comes to Cornell most recently from Day Hollow Animal Hospital in Owego, where she worked with small and large animals. Prior to that, she practiced with Midstate Veterinary Services, where she worked predominantly with cattle, but also treated small animals and horses. A Cornell graduate, Dr. Goodrich chose the university for her training because of the talented faculty and the location. Both of these assets–the expertise that resides here and the location–brought her back. An outdoors-enthusiast, Dr. Goodrich enjoys hiking, running, camping, and travelling with her husband and two young children. Together, she and her family are raising two dogs, two cats, and a mammoth donkey.