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New Respiratory PCR Panels

Equine Herpesvirus PCR Panels


The new AHDC Equine Herpesvirus (EHV) PCR Panels simultaneously test for a broad spectrum of EHV species responsible for respiratory disease in horses, helping in diagnosis and clinical management. Molecular pathogen detection occurs through real-time PCR with high levels of sensitivity and specificity.

Standard EHV PCR panel (EHVPNL)

Equine herpesvirus types 1&4 with EHV-1 neuro-associated (ORF30) genotyping

Gamma-EHV PCR panel (EHV25PNL)

Equine herpesvirus types 2&5

Sample types for EHV panels include deep nasal swabs, EDTA blood, tissues, ocular swabs, and/or CSF. For obtaining the best diagnostic testing sensitivity for EHV-1, we strongly recommend submitting both EDTA blood and a deep nasal swab. All PCR swab samples should be sent in a plain red top tube with a few drops of saline or in viral transport media (available from the AHDC shipping department).Bacterial culturerettes or transport media are not acceptable for PCR testing. Please contact us for case-specific recommendations and any questions about sample handling.

All of the assays may also be requested individually. The usual (non-STAT) turnaround time is 3-5 business days, although most results are reported within 24-72 hours.

STAT testing is available 6 days a week for additional fees; please call the laboratory if Saturday testing is required. Same-day testing requires that samples be in the lab by 12 noon. Results for samples received later than 12 noon will be available by noon the following day. STAT test requests must be clearly noted on the sample submission form.

Contact Information

AHDC Molecular Lab: 607-253-3679

AHDC main switchboard: 607-235-3900