Urine Bilirubin: Ictotest

sorry The Ictotest uses the same chemical reaction as the bilirubin pad on the multi-reagent dipstick, but is presented in a tablet format.
The main advantage is that observation of the true color reaction is less affected by the inherent color of the urine itself. It is, therefore, useful in confirming or refuting apparently positive reactions on the dipstick in cases where the urine sample is deeply colored. It is also more sensitive to bilirubin than the dipstick (detects 0.1 mg/dL of bilirubin). At Cornell University, we confirm any positive Criterion bilirubin reactions with the tablet test, this result being a more accurate assessment of urinary bilirubin. Hence, if a positive reaction (regardless of the value) is obtained on the dipstick, but the Icotest is negative, the result for bilirubin should be interpreted on the basis of the Ictotest, and not the dipstick result, i.e. the result for bilirubin is negative (and the dipstick is a false positive value).
sorry Purple color around the tablet is a positive result.

Cornell University