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Test Results

Results are available only to the veterinarian, clinic, or other authorized submittor of the samples. Please do not ask animal owners who submit samples through veterinarians to call the Laboratory. It is possible under special circumstances that results may be provided to an owner, but only with the prior written authorization of the submitting veterinarian.

On submissions where several tests are requested on a single accession, results will be reported upon completion of test preformed within a testing section, rather than waiting to send the compiled results of all tests in one final report. When results of the last test to be completed are available, a final report of all results for that accession will be provided.

In certain cases, such as export testing and special monitored testing situations, the test results for a given accession may be held until the entire case is final and all results can be reported together. Any results that could have a negative effect on animal movement would, however, be reported as a preliminary as soon as it is know.

The options of receiving result reports are either to have results sent by fax, e-mail or US Postal Service. Your preferred method of receiving reports is set at an account level for your AHDC account. Please contact the laboratory if your designated preference changes.

Testing that requires an official form to be used, such as Brucellosis or Coggins, will always be distributed by mail to the submitting veterinarian. In addition to being mailed, if requested on the paperwork, results can be faxed or e-mailed.