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Any tests requested that are not performed by this laboratory will automatically be sent to a referral laboratory for testing, and the progress of test results will be monitored for you. The send-out destination will vary according to factors such as availability, reliability, cost, and turn-around time for results.

For samples being referred to labs outside of the local Ithaca, NY area, a handling fee of $30.00 is applied for each accession sent to each referral destination. This means that the total referral fee for a given case may vary. For example, if samples within an accession are sent to two different referral labs, that accession will incur a $60.00 referral fee ($30.00 x 2). For referrals to other departments within the Ithaca area, including Cornell University, the handling fee is $15.00 per destination. These referral fees are included in the test charges listed in this schedule. The AHDC supports laboratories accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD). For more specific information concerning referral testing, call our Referral Department at 607-253-3333.

Subcontracting Test Services: The AHDC generally does not subcontract test services to other laboratories unless it has to due to unexpected high testing volumes, work load, or temporary incapacity due to lack of supplies and services provided by vendors. In these situations, the AHDC will subcontract test services with AAVLD or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories, when possible. AHDC clients will be notified in advance of the use of subcontracting testing services.