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Understanding Your Monthly Bill

Should you need additional clarification of your bill, please contact the Billing Department at (607) 253-3951.

The first page of your monthly bill is a "summary" of all of the testing and other activities that occurred on your account for the calendar month. The top portion of the bill includes the following information:

  • the date the bill was generated
  • your account number
  • a credit card payment box (next to your address)
  • our "remit to" address
  • an overall summary of charges, payments, late fees, and
  • adjustments that occurred on your account during the month.
    * Returning this portion with your payment will ensure that your payment is applied to the correct account.

The charge category is a total of all test charges for the month.

The adjustment category is a total of non-test charges for the month, both accession and non-accession related. These charges include, but are not limited to, pricing adjustments, supply charges, and credits shipping charges.

The first line of detail below the "tear" line is the ending balance from the previous month, if applicable.

Next will be a listing of adjustments made to your account that are not associated with submissions.  Charges for supplies ordered will appear here, including the date that the supplies were shipped.

The next group of lines will represent the total by accession sub-totaled by submitting veterinarian. If you include an internal reference number on your submission form, this number will appear the veterinarian and owner names. The total for the accession will include all test charges, shipping charges, and other charges that can be directly linked to a particular submission.

The last line(s) will list the payment(s) that was/were received during the month. Check numbers will generally not be entered on your bill since our use of a lockbox for check processing precludes our ability to do this. Late fees/interest charges, when applicable, will appear above the payment detail.

The page(s) entitled "Transaction detail" will give the detail of all tests and services provided on an accession sorted alphabetically by owner name.