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Billing & Fee Policies

Regular Charges

All tests that do not qualify for subsidization through the Animal Health Diagnostic Center's contract with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets will be charged at rates listed in the Test & Fee Schedule.

A Charge Status will be assigned for:

  • Tests requested by New York State veterinarians which do not satisfy the conditions of the contract stated below.
  • All samples received from out-of-state owners, whether or not the submitting veterinarian's clinic is based in New York State.
  • Tests performed for private purposes such as for sale, interstate or international export, or exhibition.
  • Tests performed for companion animals. Testing on pets will always be charged, except in rare instances where problems of significant public health may be involved.
  • Toxicology, Endocrinology, Clinical Pathology, Comparative Coagulation, and Referral tests, as well as certain other tests where non-outbreak circumstances are involved.

$5.00 Accession Fee

An explanation of the costs associated with our accession fee and a description of why this fee is necessary are outlined below. If you have any questions about a particular accession, please contact the lab directly at 607-253-3900.

Why an Accession Fee?

In the operation of a diagnostic laboratory, one can apportion costs into two major categories: the cost of doing a given test (supply costs + labor) and the cost of delivering the service to the client.  The latter category can be simply defined as overhead -- non test related expenses.  To recover the overhead costs, one can simply boost the cost of the individual test by a factor that on average recovers all of the overhead costs.  Most commercial laboratories use this strategy.  The other way to recover the overhead costs is to assess a fee that separately recognizes these real costs.  The AHDC has chosen the latter process.  Since we are assessing a fee/accession – not individual test, we believe it is appropriate to outline what that fee is “buying”.

The standard overhead expenses at the AHDC are related to the Receiving unit that processes the samples and paperwork associated with a given accession, the Medical Records unit that assures the integrity of the information associated with the accession, IT support that keeps the software and hardware operating, the Billing unit that monitors the accuracy of the charges, and the utilities and maintenance of the facility.  These types of charges exist in all diagnostic lab operations.  For the AHDC, we believe we have several “valued added” services that are not reflected in standard test fees.  We have a Regulatory Affairs unit that is charged with monitoring all samples that have special needs such as exports or surveillance programs.  Not infrequently the efforts of this unit detect issues with export testing associated with an inappropriate test request or with a timeline that cannot be met.  Many an export has been “saved” by their efforts but a fee for this service is not directly assessed.

The other major “valued added” service is our Veterinary Support Services unit.  This group of professionals is involved with all aspects of the accession request from the assessment of whether the correct sample was submitted to the interpretation of the test results in the context of the clinical event.  For this service, numerous phone calls are made (10-15% of all accessions require contact with the submitting practice) to ensure that the correct test(s) is done to avoid unnecessary charges or delays in result reporting.  The labor costs for this type of oversight is substantial, but again no direct fee is being assessed.  We have chosen to put all of these costs into one simple fee so that it is easy to determine the exact cost of an accession.  Regardless how we choose to collect fees to pay for our operations, we will always strive for our clients to get their “money’s worth” for the services we provide.

Subsidized ("Contract") Testing

The Animal Health Diagnostic Center, under contract with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, does not charge for most diagnostic tests performed on New York food and fiber-producing animals. It does, however, charge a nominal case fee to cover processing for each accession that qualifies for subsidized testing under the NYS contract. This case fee will appear as a partial charge for tests done on... <more>

Client Accounts and Payments

Payments of all charges are the responsibility of the submitting veterinarian. Charges are billed monthly and we will bill only when all testing on an accession has been finalized. To insure proper management of your account records, your assigned account number must be used in all correspondence with our Laboratory. Please notify the Billing Department of the Laboratory immediately in writing if... <more>

Understanding Your Monthly Bill

Should you need additional clarification of your bill, please contact the Billing Department at (607) 253-3951. The first page of your monthly bill is a "summary" of all of the testing and other activities that occurred on your account for the calendar month. The charge category is a total of all test charges for the month. The adjustment category is a total of non-test charges for the month... <more>


The Animal Health Diagnostic Center will automatically refer any sample for tests requested but not performed by our laboratory to another laboratory for testing and will monitor the progress of test results for you. The destination will vary according to factors such as availability, reliability, cost, and turn-around time for results... <more>

Online Account Management

Manage your clinic’s account information on-line! Clients using our on-line service for results can manage their clinic information on-line. Simply login to your account and navigate to the Edit Account window to verify your clinic name, address, telephone, fax and email addresses.

If you currently do not have on-line access to your account, select the My Account, Register link. This access not only provides you with account management links but also allows you to view recent invoices and pay your balance through our secure online credit card processing service. Please call the laboratory Billing Department at 607-253-3951 with any questions regarding this service.

Test Results

Results are available only to the veterinarian, clinic, or other authorized submittor of the samples. Please do not ask animal owners who submit samples through veterinarians to call the Laboratory. In diagnostic cases where several tests are requested on a single accession, the results of each test will be reported upon its completion rather than waiting to send the compiled results of all tests in one final report... <more>