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Phone: 607-253-3935
Fax: 607-253-3551


The AHDC Shipping department maintains an assortment of supplies for your specimen needs. 

  • Styrofoam Mailers
  • Pre-assembled Box Mailers for Specimens
  • Specimen Cups; Sterile (95 kPa) and Fecal
  • Histopathology supplies; slide cassettes and mailers
  • Blood Collection Tubes
  • Media:  Amies, Trichomonas, viral, Anaerobic, Para-Pak, Ear Notch, Lepto
  • Blood Culture Bottles
  • Specialized Kits
    • Abortion Kit
    • Equine Diarrhea Kit
    • Field Necropsy Kit
    • Pre-Purchase Drug Test Kit

Click here for a full list of diagnostic supplies and shipping materials to meet your specimen needs. See QMPS Supplies for additional Quality Milk supplies and materials.