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Comparative Coagulation

Coagulation Sampling Overview

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Sampling Overview

Do not submit

Do Not Submit:
EDTA or heparin plasma, serum, serum separator or clot activator tubes.
These samples are invalid for coagulation screening tests, protein C, or factor assays.


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1. Draw blood with a vacutainer needle or butterfly catheter directly into a 3.2% or 3.8% citrate tube (blue top tube) Make sure the tube is in-date and completely filled by vacuum draw.

Vacutainer Draw
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SYRINGE DRAW: Small Dogs/Cats
1. Draw an exact volume of citrate into a syringe to obtain 1 of the following total samples:

       0.2 ml citrate + 1.8 ml blood = 2.0 ml total
       0.3 ml citrate + 2.7 ml blood = 3.0 ml total
       0.4 ml citrate + 3.6 ml blood = 4.0 ml total

2. Perform venipuncture to collect total sample volume.
3. Transfer citrated blood sample to a plastic or no-additive glass tube for centrifugation.

Syringe Draw
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1. Centrifuge the whole blood sample for 10 to 15 minutes.
2. Aspirate plasma and transfer to a plastic or no-additive glass shipping tube.
If clot fragments or hemolysis (unless in vivo hemolysis) –redraw
3. Refrigerate plasma for same-day shipment or store frozen for up to 2 weeks.

Plasma Separation
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1. Ship for overnight delivery on frozen cold packs.
2. Place the cold pack and sample tube in a plastic bag
Afix tube to cold pack with rubber band, wrap carefully to prevent breakage
3. Fill all dead space with crumpled paper or bubble wrap
4. Complete an AHDC submission form, place in the outer box

Shipping containers
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