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STAT is a designation meaning AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please request a test to be run as “STAT” only when conditions are such that results will dictate immediate treatment plans or decision-making. STAT requests are pushed to the head of our test queues; this means that results for these other tests are delayed (and some may, in fact, be more urgent than the STAT). Therefore, please do not request any STAT for convenience purposes.

We make every attempt to get STATs done as soon as possible. However, time is needed to prepare the sample for testing (most require spinning and/or slide staining), then running the sample through the appropriate analyzer, and entering the results into the computer. Sometimes, high or abnormal values need to be repeated, further delaying test results but improving result accuracy. Also, some results need to be reviewed by the Clinical Pathologist on duty before they are entered into the computer, which will add to the completion time.

A fee is added to each "STAT" test requested per instrument or per site (for cytologies).  (Please check with the laboratory for current STAT fees).

Certain tests are not accepted as STAT samples. These include bone marrow aspirates and immunologic tests (except for crossmatches).

Cornell University Hospital Animal (CUHA) STAT samples

  • All STATs should be brought immediately to the laboratory.
  • The request form should be clearly marked that the tests are requested STAT.
  • STAT chemistry tests should be submitted in heparin anticoagulant (green top tube) otherwise the results will be delayed while we wait for the sample to clot.
  • Cytology STATs must be arranged in advance to ensure there is a clinical pathologist available at the time needed. Please call the laboratory as far ahead as possible. 
  • Please do not call the laboratory for your STAT results. The clinician in charge of the case (identified on the request form) will be paged when the results are complete. The results can then be viewed in the computer. We will not read out results over the telephone.

Animal Health Diagnostic Center STAT samples

  • The request form should be clearly marked that the tests are requested STAT.
  • Cytology STATs are available during laboratory hours, Monday through Friday.  We try to provide STAT cytology results on the same day the sample arrives at the laboratory, whenever possible (as opposed to the usual 24 hour turn-around time for routine cytologies).
  • Results will be automatically faxed or emailed (depending on the type of reporting set up on the account). If indicated on the request form, we can manually fax or email results once they are complete (so please provide a fax number or email address if your account is not set up for these reporting methods).