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Aspirate from a metatarsal mass in a cat. There are large numbers of mast cells, with eccentric oval nuclei and large numbers of purple granules. Free mast cel granules are scattered throughout the background. Some cells are so heavily granulated that you cannot see the nucleus.

Aspirate from an abdominal mass associated with the intestine in an old cat. The mass is composed of large numbers of lymphoid cells with bright red intracytoplasmic granules with a clear halo. The granules are readily visualized in the cells highlighted by the red arrows. The results are compatible with a lymphoma of granular lymphocytes. This is a particular type of lymphoma that usually arises in the ileum and readily metastasizes to mesenteric lymph nodes, liver and spleen. This type of lymphoma is either of cytotoxic T cell or natural killer cell origin and is poorly responsive to standard lymphoma chemotherapeutic protocols.