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Each accession received will be charged a $5.00 accessioning fee, in addition to the requested testing.
Fees are subject to change without notice, please call the lab if you have any questions.
Contract pricing available. For information please refer to the contract billing page.

All test turnaround times are listed in business days and do not include Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

Parasite Identification - PID

Sample Details: whole parasites including worms or arthropods; punch biopsy, skin or conjunctival snips, fresh tissue for worm identification; impression smears; stained tissue section slides; enviromental samples
Cost/Fee: $28.00
Comment: All ticks submitted for PCR (Lyme, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia) must be identified prior to testing. A biopsy is examined directly or undergoes pepsin digestion to recover nematodes. Gastrointestinal contents and other tissues such as lung are examined and processed as needed to collect and identify parasites present. Intestinal smears are made from fresh, non-preserved intestinal sections and are used to identify non-patent coccidian infections postmortem Other samples that can be submitted for parasite identification include: Biopsies from tissues that may contain parasites; Necropsy tissues, such as sections of organs and intestines with contents; Fluids such as tracheal and cloacal washes, duodenal aspirates, urine, blood; Histological sections on slides; Free living worms or arthropods found on animals, in residences, in feed samples and environmental samples such as soil and composted material.

Lab Section: Parasitology

Description: Endo- and ecto- parasites

Min Sample Volume:

Collection Container: plastic leak proof container, such as blood tube, appropriate for sample. Submit fresh, in 70% ETOH or 10% formalin, depending upon the sample.

Coolant: Refrigerate if not fixed

Test Target: Antigen

Test Days: M-F

Test Turnaround (business days): 1-7 days

No Reference Ranges


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