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Test Search for AHDC Clients

Each accession received will be charged a $5.00 accessioning fee, in addition to the requested testing.
Fees are subject to change without notice, please call the lab if you have any questions.
Contract pricing available. For information please refer to the contract billing page.

All test turnaround times are listed in business days and do not include Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

Leptospira MAT, 5 standard serovars - LEPTO

Sample Details: 2.0 ml serum
Cost/Fee: $16.00 /5 serovars

Please indicate any previous testing at the AHDC for accurate test result interpretations.  Testing paired samples at an interval between 2-6 weeks between blood draws has more diagnostic significance than relying on the results from a single sample.

See also Leptospira MAT, 7 serovars for additional serovar options that may be relevant.  The first 5 serovars may qualify for New York State contract pricing

Refer to Leptospira Microagglutination Testing at the AHDC for more information.

Lab Section: Bacteriology

Description: For the detection of antibodies to Leptospira interrogens serovars Pomona, Hardjo, Icterohemorrhagiae/copenhageni, Grippotyphosa, and Canicola by serum microagglutination.

Min Sample Volume: 0.1 ml

Collection Container: Red top blood collection tube

Coolant: Refrigerate. Ship overnight in an insulated container with ice packs

Test Target: Antibody

Test Days: M, W, F

Test Turnaround (business days): 2-3 days

No Reference Ranges

A serum dilution antibody titer of <100 is equal to a Neg 1:100. The USDA recognizes this equivalency for regulatory purposes. Veterinarians seeking to rule out Leptospirosis as part of their differential diagnosis are advised to request the Micro-Agglutination Test (MAT) for the five Leptospira serovars commonly found in the United States in mammals; pomona, hardjo, icterohaemorragiae, L. grippotyphosa, and canicola. Evidence suggests that the serovars bratislava and autumnalis are much less likely to be found in this country. However, the AHDC has identified some clinical samples with strongly elevated titers to one or both of these serovars in the absence of strong reactions to the five common serovars. Therefore, if the MAT results are negative for the five common serovars, and leptospirosis is high on the differential diagnosis list, testing for these two additional serovars may be useful. For further interpretation details, visit

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