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Test Search for AHDC Clients

Each accession received will be charged a $5.00 accessioning fee, in addition to the requested testing.
Fees are subject to change without notice, please call the lab if you have any questions.
Contract pricing available. For information please refer to the contract billing page.

All test turnaround times are listed in business days and do not include Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

Johne's Culture, Non-Bovine - JCNB

Sample Details: 1) 15g fresh feces; 2) Fresh distal ileum, ileocecal junction and associated lymph nodes FILL SAMPLE CONTAINERS NO MORE THAN HALF FULL.
Cost/Fee: $40.25 /sample

This is for non-bovine (ovine [sheep], caprine [goats], cervidae [deer], camelids [alpaca, llama, other) fecal samples.  Please see “Testing Strategy” tab for additional
information about testing caprine fecal samples, as the PCR test is preferred (as of 12/13/18). For more information, also please see
Johne's Sampling and Testing Options. Lag time for positive culture samples will be shorter.

A $50/hour fee to cover additional laboratory handling of improperly collected, labelled, or shipped samples may be assessed. 

Lab Section: Bacteriology

Description: For the culture of Mycobacterium avium sbsp. paratuberculosis from individual, nonbovine, clinical suspects.

Min Sample Volume: 4g

Collection Container: 1) Wide mouth screw top container; 2) Separate sealed sterile containers Unacceptable containers for fecal samples include flip-top milk vials, zip-lock baggies, exam gloves, glass jars, prescription bottles, or containers that are taped closed

Coolant: 1-2) Refrigerate, DO NOT freeze. Ship promptly after collection in an insulated container with cold packs.

Test Target: General

Test Days: M-W

Test Turnaround (business days): 12-16 wks


See Supplies for diagnostic supplies and shipping materials to meet your specimen needs.
See QMPS Supplies Order Form for additional Quality Milk supplies and materials.
See Shipping Instructions for packaging and labeling instructions and regulations.